weekly roundup

my week started off super sweet with this beautiful spring bouquet from cory.  before i met cory, i never fancied flowers too much. . . because they were usually the typical "i'm sorry" flowers.  cory is the first guy to buy me flowers for no reason at all, and i absolutely love it (you should try it guys).  this bouquet is especially beautiful because it has yellow lilies (my favorite). 

every morning on my drive to work, i pass this piece of beautiful countryside (rare in raleigh).  there's something particularly gorgeous about it in the dawn of the morning, the way the light subtly shines over the green rolling hills.  i can't help my mind from wandering every time i pass by.  mostly,  i imagine mr. darcy walking over the hill in his tall boots and dust coat, determined to profess his love for me elizabeth bennet.  or, sometimes (when i've been watching too much walking dead) i'll imagine a crouched over zombie hobbling out of the barn.  unfortunately, this land is for sale and i'm sure it will turn into a paved lot of some sort or something horrible, like a strip mall (just what raleigh needs. . . another strip mall).

we indulged in some pizza and beer (one of my favorite combos), while watching some basketball at brixx on thursday evening.

 i'm in love with these beautiful trees that bloom with white flowers every year here in north carolina (even though they smell kinda funky).  spring is a luxury i'm a bit unfamiliar with, growing up in florida and all (although, eternal summers are not bad either).

thursday night was super romantic (LOL).  i forced treated cory to a much needed pedicure.  i think i made a dent in the calluses, but this is going to take multiple sessions.

 we celebrated a friend's birthday at lonerider brewery friday evening.  (more about that on a future post)

we had a short weekend getaway at wilmington/wrightsville beach saturday night.  (again, more about that on a later post)

ugh.  i had to endure watching the florida vs. michigan game with these two.  oh well, maybe next year florida.  go gators!!!

our easter sunday brunch on the go.

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  1. Looks like fun! I'm jealous you got to walk on the beach. I was totally thinking Pride and Prejudice when I saw the barn picture!