nutella latte

i had my first nutella latte probably about seven years ago at the iconic cafe bonaparte in georgetown.  it was love at first sip!  since that time, i've been obsessed with this drink, and have always been on the lookout anytime i go to a big city with fancy brunch situations.  i've had an espresso maker for years, and have never tried making one of my own... crazy, i know!  well friends, today was the day (there's no better excuse than being "snowed in" to finally tackle what one once thought was impossible)!  i'm almost embarrassed to say that it was super easy to make.  here's the step-by-step:

 smear a spoonful (or two) of nutella along the bottom and sides of your mug

 brew your espresso

pour the hot espresso into the mug

steam some milk

add the steamed milk to your mug* (a typical latte has an espresso/milk ratio of 1:3) and top with some of the foamed milk!  i sprinkled the top with a little cocoa (maybe one day i'll figure out how to make those fancy designs in the foam... but that might call for another snow day).  

*tip from a friend:  you can microwave some extra nutella for about 30 seconds and add to your steamed milk for a little extra nutella goodness!


five on friday 1.22.16

i'm linking up, because... friday!  also, i'm trying to jump back into this blog life, and this is always one of my favorite posts to do.  i know it's sort of silly, but i really enjoy sharing my favorite discoveries, stories and memories from the week.  i especially love that this is a link-up, because it's so much fun to check out weekly favorites from other bloggers too!  two thumbs up for sharing positive vibes on the internet  :)

anyways... here's a few things i'm loving this week:

1.  washi tape + calendar = organized and pretty!  i noticed my bff doing this when i visited her back in october... and of course i copied her, because this is brilliant!  it's fun to do, so it actually makes you want to organize your calendar.  plus, it's not such an eyesore if you're forced to leave your calendar in a public place so that people in your household (let's say your husband, for instance) don't forget certain plans or appointments.  :)

2.  i discovered chili mac at a favorite sandwich shop of mine a few years back.  i finally attempted to make a batch at home (i used this recipe).  it really hit the spot, considering how cold it's been the past few nights!  i especially enjoy that it's heartier than a soup or a stew... it's more like a goulash!  plus you can make it in the crock-pot!  win-win!

3.  speaking of cold weather... i'm ready for summer!  how about you?  the husband and i are planning a trip to california later this summer, so naturally, i'm already planning what i'll be wearing  :)  okay (long story here), so i haven't even been in an abercrombie store in over a decade, and i'll tell you why.  in high school and college it was all i would wear!  my abercrombie credit card was in a constant state of maxed out.  but then in my mid-twenties, it started to make me feel a bit "old".  i didn't enjoy the loud music, the lighting was too dark to see the prices (smart move, af), and you walk out of the store smelling like you doused yourself in a bottle of their men's cologne.  also, when i looked up from the racks of extremely way too short shorts, i realized everyone else in the store was much younger than me.  at that point, i decided i would stick to anthropologie and banana republic.  you know, where older more refined people shop!  hah!  well... thanks to instagram, i somehow recently found myself on abercrombie's website for the first time in a long time, and they have some darn cute dresses (like the one above)!  while you can still find an occasional graphic-tee plastered with their logo, and denim shorts with a 1/16" inseam... it seems like their brand may be evolving into a more mature/bohemian sort of style, and i like that!  this abercrombie dress (and possibly a few others) will certainly be in my suitcase for our west coast vacay this summer!

4.  and speaking of summer... i recently discovered these amazing self-tanning towelettes after receiving a free sample from sephora!  they're easy to use (not messy like lotion, etc.) and they deliver a really great color/glow which lasts for several days.  plus, they smell nice, and make your skin feel great!

5.  finally, i stumbled across an article on npr news about martin pistorius (author of "ghost boy") who at age 12 was diagnosed with a mysterious illness.  he lost his ability to move by himself, his ability to make eye contact, and then finally, his ability to speak.  after years of essentially being trapped in his own body and living in a world of devastating loneliness, he was able to re-direct his mind and thoughts to prove he could do more than just exist.  read the article for details... and next time you think you are having a bad day, or get angry at that person who cut you off while driving, or get mad because your barista got your latte order wrong... try think of martin and re-direct your thoughts :)

i hope you all have a great weekend!  thanks for stopping by!