weekly roundup

still sick this week, so i made this delicious detox soup to kick this cold in the butt.

so, remember my post last week about the arrival of spring?  that may have been a bit premature.  this is what my outfit looked like most mornings this week.  i'm beyond ready to retire this coat for the year!

lots of movie watchin' this week.  i finally saw the hobbit, which of course led to watching all three lord of the rings again (not all in one night, i'm not that crazy).  we also rented les miserables, which was as amazing as i expected it to be.  if you watch this, please make sure you have your tissues handy.

after a week of healthy eating, we treated ourselves to some delicious thai food friday night.

we had some friends over for a little pizza/movie party saturday night.  we all tried our hand at juggling, but ryan is the only one who would have the possibility of a career as a professional clown.

sunday mornig breakfast with banana pancakes! so yummy.
is it weird to be emotionally attached to your dishes, because i'm kind of in love with these plates?

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