st. patrick's day

this past saturday we were lucky enough to have a short bout of beautiful weather, just in time for raleigh's annual st. patrick's day parade and festival.  we spent the day with some great friends, while indulging in timeless irish traditions. . . like day drinking.  we had a great time, and vowed to make this an annual tradition with our friends.  here are some of my favorite photos from the day. 

 action shots from the parade.

^^^katie and i discovered after nearly five years of friendship, that we have almost the exact same eye color.  i also learned after looking at this photo that i may need to visit a dermatologist, due to an early onset of crow's feet. 

i love this guy.


don't let these pictures fool you, we are really not that great at billiards :-)


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  1. You guys are too cute. Love how you all are wearing the exact same shade of green!