diy: vows on canvas

well, i finally found the perfect project for the sad lonely wall in our bedroom!  i've been going back and forth about what to make to put on this wall for quite some time, and i also knew i wanted to somehow commemorate our wedding vows but wasn't really sure how to do that.  so i decided to kill two birds with one stone by turning our vows into artwork for the awkwardly blank wall in our bedroom! after perusing etsy for a little inspiration, this is what i came up with:

it's a nice way to end the day... laying in bed reading the promises we wrote for each other on that magically perfect day.  it kind of keeps you from sweating the small stuff and going to bed mad too, hah.  like i said... two birds, one stone.


what's fair, is fair.

the north carolina state fair... according to my (blurry/grainy) iphone 4:

maybe it's time to upgrade to iphone 6 for those moments when i forget to take my cannon with me!  you can see a few pics from last year's fair too, at the end of this post (here).  see ya next year, fair!


a redhead, a boy and a blog

as some of you may have noticed, i'm a redhead now!  i've been many shades of blonde my entire life, but never really experimented with any other hair color.  i needed a change...and after one visit to the salon and half a block of henna hair dye later i finally achieved the perfect shade of red!  that henna dye is some awesome stuff, it's chemical free so it's really healthy for your hair, and supposedly it lasts longer than traditional dye.  it's a pretty messy and long process though, so if you decide to give it a try be sure to do your research... i placed so many garbage bags around my bathroom sink and floor for protection, that it ended up looking like a kill-room from dexter.  it's totally worth the process in my opinion, i love my new color!  i don't think i'm ready to change the name of my blog or anything just yet... i'm sure i'll go back to blonde eventually, but this is such a fun and welcome change for now :)


halloween, baby!

you know you're truly an adult on halloween, when you start caring less about who your friends are dressing up as, and start caring more about the adorable costumes they are dressing their kids in.  well, that was my experience this year at least.  cory and i attended a fun little party with lots of creative costumes... but like i said, all those cute babies kind of stole the show :)  literally though, their mama's basically had to pry them from my arms, so my camera kind of took a backseat for the night... but i did manage to snap a few pics:

forrest and jenny <3

dexter and his victim

santa and mrs. claus... vacation style

two cute mummies!

and adorable peter pan and a very photogenic tinkerbell

and katie, introducing addie rose, as herself :)

all that partying really tuckered that sweet thang out!

vampire cupcakes

"pumpkin" cheeseball

and this is just the risk you take when you fall asleep early at your own party.  sorry, ryan.

alas, another epic johnson halloween party goes down in history!  can't wait until next year... i'm already thinking of costume ideas (i know it's kind of early, but it may indeed take a year to convince cory of some of my ideas.  britney and justin circa 2001 in all demin?)