five on friday 8.30.13

yay!  it's friday linkup time!

1.  i am loving the sporty clothing trend for the fall.  this sweatshirt from nordstrom dresses up an average comfy sweatshirt with a lace panel on the front and a peekaboo cutout in the back.  and these sweatpants from jcrew are tailored in such a way, that they are socially acceptable to wear in public.  you may find me living in these all fall/winter long.

2.  i picked up this new addition for our living room (the tree, not the dog) at a local plant nursery last week.  i have been lusting for a fiddle leaf fig tree for a while now, and i finally got one.  hopefully i don't kill it with my black thumb.  it's amazing what a difference a live plant can do to an otherwise boring space!  call me weird, but i like to name my plants.  cory and i decided to name him steve jobs (mostly because i had just watched a really inspirational documentary on him a few hours before).  also, don't be jealous of steve's sexy black plastic pot... i'm on the search for a more attractive one for him :)

3.  gator football begins this weekend... woo hoo!  i'm so excited for this season (i might even be attending the tennessee game live and in person this year at my 'ol alma mater.  yay!).  go gators!!!

4.  how cute is this print from modcloth?  i could definitely use this to integrate into our wedding decor... and then maybe eventually a baby nursery???

5.  you know i like to end this thing with a song.  this song is so nostalgic for me (in a college spring break sorta way), and i always imagine myself laying out on the beach in the sun every time i hear it.  here's to the last few weeks of summer.  oh, how you will be missed.

happy labor day weekend!


life in moments 8.25.13

1.  when one of my patients told me that i didn't look old enough to be doing his ultrasound!  i used to hear this all the time in my twenties, but since i hit old age my thirties, i hear this less and less.  so when i do hear it, i smile and soak it up... because it may the be the last time :)

2.  when two of my besties had birthdays this week!  happy birthday (again) machi and emily!

 3.  when i went to the bff's house for a little quality time with her and the babe.  alice is in such an adorable stage where she wants to say and do everything you do (but who am i kidding, all of her stages have been pretty adorable).  my favorite was when when she hugged me goodnight after bathtime, and i had the smell of her baby lotion on me for the rest of the evening.  goodness... i love that baby so!  p.s. ^^^check out how much air she gets on that pony!   

4.  that moment when i got behind a truck with two fish stickers on the back, and i was surprised when i realized i knew what both kinds of fish were (redfish and snook)!!  my daddy taught me well :)

5.  when i was watching teen jeopardy and got over half of the questions correct!! (whatever, it made me feel good about myself... those kids are geniuses)!

6.  the moment friday night when my friend katie sent me this picture message!  how much fun to have one of your closest friends engaged at the same time as you are!  i'm so excited for her!

7.  when we were blessed with the most beautiful weather on my two favorite days of the week (you guessed it, saturday and sunday)!  blue skies, low humidity, cool breeze... perfect!

8.  when i made a few fun gift baskets this week (photos to follow in future post)!

  9.  since i've met the love of my life who's incidentally a health conscious weirdo and doesn't like sweets... i haven't baked in a while.  so, i had so much fun making these caramelized apple hand pies for katie's housewarming/engagement party this weekend.

10.  dogsitting.  i'm watching my bff's chihuahua, rosy, for a few days.  i really love having a doggy to keep me company around the house... even though she's kind of more like a cat or a tiny deer, than a dog.  but i love her just the same :)


five on friday 8.23.13

it's friday! you know what that means...

1.  if you know me personally (or follow me on pinterest), then you are aware of my undying love for rice krispie treats.  when i saw that a store in new york city recently opened, who specializes in gourmet rice krispie treats... my drooling jaw dropped to the floor.  i guess i can only hope that raleigh and the surrounding area quickly jump on the train (and i'm going to pretend like i didn't see that treat house will begin mailing treats in september).

2.  ^^^this dress i got from target for five dollars!!!!  and it has pockets!!!!  double score. (please excuse unmade bed in background).

 3.  i'm always looking for ways to effortlessly get ready in the morning, and this rag roll tutorial from a beautiful mess really seems to fit the bill!

4.  i might be a little late to the party, but i am way into turban headbands lately in a major way!  i spontaneously purchased one on a recent shopping trip to anthropologie, and just haven't found the right occasion to break it out (it's a little hard to put together without looking like you just left coachella).

5.  let's end this thing with a song!  not just any song though... one of my favorite songs (among many) by one of my favorite bands.  tell me this song doesn't make you feel good, i dare you.


oh cory, my cory #2

me: you'll be on your own for dinner tomorrow, i'm going to a gender reveal party for a coworker tomorrow night.
cory:  really?  so, what time is this gender release party?

this is why i love him.


life in moments 8.18.13

1.  receiving an email from my favorite friend in college, Chad, who i haven't heard from in 5 years!  we gave ourselves the moniker "the anti-clique clique".  the UF college of health sciences class of 2004 was full of snotty sorority girls (no offense to my soro gals), and uptight brainiacs!  chad and i instantly bonded, and actually rarely saw one another since we switched off daily class attendance and just copied each others notes :) 

2. when i had a date night with myself, which consisted of drinking wine at home and finally getting around to watching the season premiere of breaking bad! i'm so sad it's the last season.  "does bubble gum really belong anywhere near ocean spray?"

3.  that moment when i was on the treadmill at the gym, and titanic came on the little t.v. in front of me.  this scene always makes me happy!

4.  when i attended my coworkers gender reveal party.  the expression on her face when she cut open that cake was priceless... and had put a smile on my face more times this week than i can count.

5.  that moment when i turned on my car heater in the morning on my drive to work.  august, you've been seriously confusing, but you're making me really excited for fall.

 6.  when i received this letter from my mom in the mail.  she is so sweet and thoughtful, and i love her with all of my heart.  thanks for the free panty coupon, mom!

7.  friday, when i had a productive day off from work.  i love running errands on weekdays.  it makes me sorta jealous of stay at home moms/wives/girlfriends who get to do that everyday.

 8. eating childhood snacks in bed.

9.  having a really vivid dream about my favorite g-mama and spending time together in her old house (present day)... makes me feel like she's still checking in on me from time to time ;)  i miss her.

 10.  when i made homemade tomato sauce using this recipe!  i'm a firm believer in that everything that is homemade is better.



five on friday 8.16.13

hey everyone!  i took a little vacation from my blog last week.  sometimes it seems impossible to find time to do anything in-between working, going to the gym, and cooking dinner... how do you people with children do it?  seriously!  well, i'm back and linking up again this friday to share five of my "favorites" from this week.  here we go...

1.  buttered popcorn jelly beans.  need i say more?

2.  getting the sweetest handmade card in the mail from the bff, containing the most adorable picture of my favorite 20 month old to hang on my refrigerator!  this is the stuff life is made of people.  also... with all the overwhelming amount of technology and social media these days, it's quite refreshing to receive an actual handwritten card/letter in the mail.  love you, emily!

3.  taco night accompanied by my favorite beer!!

4.  i've been on a bit of a shopping hiatus for the past month.  it's been an extremely difficult time for me :)  however, my temptation has been sparked by this cute floral trench coat from ruche.  the fall-esque weather here in north carolina is not really helping the situation, either.

5.  this is what my dinner looks like when cory isn't around, and i don't feel like cooking.  can i please just move to france now?

have a wonderful weekend!


weekly roundup 8.4.13

towards the beginning of the week, i noticed our little bird family who made their home on our front porch are growing big and strong!  it just so happens, i have a perfect view of their nest from my favorite spot on the couch.  i had a front row seat to all the action between mama bird and her four little babies!

cory surprised me with a bouquet of some of my favorite flowers (i know, i say this about all flowers...but these really are at the top of my list), stargazer lilies.  the colors are so vivid and they smell incredible.  thanks, c-trotts!

  saturday, we had the opportunity to meet up with a few friends, including the bff and her family.  we had an early dinner at the new cowfish in raleigh.  dinner was delicious, but can i please tell you about the dessert?  i had "chef dave's not factory made cheesecake" which consisted of rich and creamy coconut almond cheesecake atop a golden fortune cookie crust, finished with almond coconut and raspberry sauce.  that's right, fortune cookie crust.

 okay, now back to my birds.  when i woke up saturday morning, i noticed one of the babies had officially left the nest.  we were down to three babies.  i just can't get over how cute these little guys are.
later in the day, i realized two more had flown the coop.  we were down to one lonely baby bird.  i felt so bad for him.  it must be the same type of feeling when you're with a group of friends at the pool getting ready to jump off the high dive at the same time, but you chicken out and everyone else has jumped except you...not a good feeling.
sunday morning i awoke to find that the last baby bird had built up the courage to leave the nest.  they grow up so fast!  i'm sad they're gone, but it was so much fun to watch.  oh well, i guess we have some cleaning up to do now.  i think i really need to look into getting a puppy or something, because i was obviously way too involved with these birds.  hah.

and, finally... it's the first weekend in a while we have woken up at our leisure in the comfort of our own home, so we of course had to indulge in our traditional sunday morning breakfast routine.  i feel that cheesy hashbrowns are a necessary part of any routine, really :) 

i hope you all had a great week/weekend, with an even better one yet to come!


five on friday 8.2.13

i'm linking up with april, christina, natasha, and darci again for five on friday!

1.  have your tissues handy when you watch this video.  rachel wolf is not even engaged, but knowing that her father is dying of cancer, she surprised him with a faux wedding so they could have their dance and so that he would be at her wedding whenever it does occur, even if only on video.  what a sweet moment between a father and daughter. . . it's a moment i know i've been looking forward to my whole life (and one my dad has probably been dreading)!  haha.  okay, now allow me to wipe the tears off my face so i can continue this post... 

 2.  i'm a fan of bars:  cocktail bars, salad bars, tie bars, ballet barres, ice cream bars... but when i saw this idea for a biscuit bar on pinterest it went straight to the top of my list of favorite bars.  i will definitely keep this idea on the backburner for a potential breakfast/brunch get-together.  i love that you can combine savory flavors (bacon, eggs, gravy) with sweet flavors (jam or honey) all with one simple biscuit recipe!  Yum.

3.  in case you didn't know...august 1 was national ipa day.  cory and i celebrated the love for our favorite beer together, over some delicious pizza thursday night!

4.  in an attempt to save money, i'm trying to wear things in my closet (some still with the tags on them) that I haven't worn in a year or two. it's fun trying to coordinate pieces I wouldn't normally wear together (see above). cory was my photographer for the above photo. god bless him for trying, but he always cuts off my shoes :) 

5.  i'm sucking it up...and finally trying out a new stylist for a haircut. Here are a few pics combining the look i'm going for: top left side bangs, bottom left blonde, and the layers on the right. eeee, i'm scared!