about me

fun facts:
  • my favorite time of day is dusk
  • my favorite color is yellow (mustard to be exact)
  • i am a florida gator, always will be
  • my signature cocktail is a french 75
  • my toenails are always painted
  • i was vegetarian for 15 years, but came back to the dark side after trying jerk chicken while on vacation in jamaica a few years ago
  • i'm really good at accents, and rarely speak in my natural voice
  • i believe naps are always a good idea
  • currently my favorite t.v. shows are the walking dead, narcos, and the new girl.
  • if you lose me in the mall, you can probably find me in the nearest anthropologie 
  • i'd choose coca cola over pepsi, anyday

* a few random questions (some inspired by my bff, emily):
1. Pick a travel destination based on food alone. Where is it and what would you eat? 
             I would love to say something exotic like the French Riviera/Côte d'Azur, but since this question is based on food only my answer has to be Mexico.  Because everything tastes better wrapped in a tortilla (corn or flour, i’m not picky).
2. Which career would you choose if money was no object?
            Is a stay-at-home wife a career? I can honestly say I really love my job as an ultrasound technologist, but if money was no object I would probably pursue my dream of being a broadway performer.
3. Name one movie you will never get tired of watching.
            Love Actually (Pride & Prejudice is a close second).  
4. Why did you start blogging?
            I became obsessed with reading other people’s blogs and always wanted to start my own, but I was a bit intimidated.  After figuring out a few kinks. . .  here I am.  I think blogging is a fun way for people to have a glimpse into your life, in a more creative way than just posting pictures to Facebook or tweeting.
5. Do you have any nicknames?
            BRB, birdie, B, and booski (for Cory only).
6. Who is your weird celebrity crush?
            Hugh Grant (hence, the answer to question #3).
7. Do you accept leggings as pants? Why or why not?
            This is a really though question, because it depends on the type of leggings and what is being worn with said leggings.  The leggings should not be thin or see though, or contain so much elastic in the fabric so that they appear shiny.  A thick sturdy cotton-blend is ideal.  Also the top being worn with the leggings should extend past the crotch, in order to avoid a camel toe situation.   
8. What is the most important lesson you have learned in life, so far?
            To never take anybody or anything for granted.  When we are young it seems like time has no end and there’s always going to be another chance to apologize, tell someone you love them, let someone know they matter, etc.  But you eventually learn tomorrow is never promised, and how important it is to take full advantage of every moment in each day we are given. 
9. When do you feel the most like your true self?
            I’m lucky enough to have parents that still live in the same house I grew up in.  when I go there, I feel most like my true self.
10. What makes you smile?
            Seeing the faces of my family and friends!  Also, dogs.  And an ice cold beer.

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