weekly roundup

i put my espresso maker to good use early in the week, because mondays are really, really hard.

random impulse buy at the checkout, while doing my weekly grocery shopping.

i did a little gambling.  spent $10, won $2. oh well, at least it's going to education.

i started a juice (sort of) diet this week.  ever watch the documentary fat, sick and nearly dead on netflix?  it's extremely inspiring.  i'm not going to juice for 60 days straight like the guy in the film, just whenever i feel like it on the weekdays.  i mean. . . yes i'd like to loose a few pounds, but if cory wants to take me out for pizza after a hard day of work, i'm not going to make him twist my arm :)  and the weekends? fuggedaboutit.

we spent time with some great friends friday night.

 cory took me to burgerfi for lunch saturday. (not pictured: my quinoa burger.  it didn't look as exciting as cory's, but it certainly was tasty).

babysat this little nugget saturday night.

sunday morning breakfast.  i love drinking coffee while lounging around the house with my love on the weekends.  plus it's super cute that he will only drink coffee from his harley-davidson mug.  he's so rebellious.

we wound the week up with a 6 mile hike at umstead.  the weather was amazing, and we couldn't pass up the opportunity to spend a little time outside.

i'm super pumped for next weekend.  st patrick's day y'all!

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  1. Love it! We have harley davidson glasses. I don't like to drink out of them b/c I associate Harleys with Daytona Beach bike week. #floridatrauma