long(er) weekend

since monday's are typically such a shock to our system, cory and i did our best to extend the weekend as much as we could.  he arrived home from work while it was still daylight outside (unheard of), and suggested we make the most of a few extra hours together by dining at one of our favorite restaurants.  we don't typically dine out during the week, so it was definitely an unexpected treat.  now, i know you may be saying to yourself "what does a vegetarian eat at a steakhouse?" but rest assured, their french onion soup (not totally veg, but nobody was looking) and wedge salad blow my mind every. time.  that is, if i still have room in my belly after pigging out on the "salt platter" (i.e. their free delicious appetizer of pickles, olives, cheese and crackers).  they have a pretty solid humidor and a nice rotating selection of local beers on tap.  i suggest dining in the wild turkey lounge amongst the eclectic southern decor, while ending your night with cigars and stiff drinks in the dark mancave they call the meat locker.  it's not just dinner, it's an experience.  now, how many more days until friday? 

 ^^^ what's with this guy and the ghostly faces in his cigar smoke?

 whats creepier than a possum?  a stuffed possum in colonial clothing sitting on top of a t.v. in a bathroom.  gotta love it.

 tp on a deer antler
this fireplace!

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