last friday evening, cory and i treated ourselves to a delicious dinner at fishmongers in downtown durham.  i have been one other time before with bff and her husband, and since then. . . i've been hooked on their seafood (pun intended).  the location is great.  who doesn't love downtown durham?  also, it's within walking distance to brightleaf square and numerous other bars and late night spots.  the decor is extremely casual, what you see is what you get: tablecloth-covered picnic tables lined with brown paper, and bar stools made from old tractor seats.  there is a great selection of local beer you can sip on, while you gaze into the busy open kitchen as you are left salivating. . . hoping that the next plate they carry out will be yours.  cory and i were lucky enough to strike up a conversation with the owner gary, and i'm just going to say. . . i want him to adopt me as his grandaughter.  :-)  he is extremely nice and knowledgeable about fish and seafood (major compliment coming from a floridian) as well as various bbq/smoking techniques.  fishmongers also doubles as a seafood market, so you can try your hand at home cooking the same delicious menu items as gary if you dare.  gary said at one point during the evening that he feels fishmongers is the kind of place you can go, and always know that whatever you order will never taste any different than your favorite meal did the last time you ate there.  it will be equally delicious, each time your cravings bring you back to fishmongers for more.  my stomach is already telling me we need to go back, and the sooner the better.  this place is a gem.    
fresh shucked oysters!

scallop fritters with mango dipping sauce

hers: blackened cobia with sugar snap peas and rice/his: steamed oysters, shrimp and alaskan king crab

^^^gary, the owner.  he's the best!

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  1. Great Pics! Lets go there for a girls night. Alice needs to see her boyfriend.