it's. pretty. ridiculous.

my best friend emily and i have been friends since it was cool to wear plaid mini-skirts with dr. martins (almost 16 years, gosh!).  our lives have taken us in so many different directions from when we first met.  while it's been fun watching emily's life evolve and change, i have to say my favorite role i've seen her in yet, is as a mama.  a little over a year ago (15 months to be exact), emily gave birth to alice maybelline.  i used to think it was kinda cheesy when people described babies and children as a miracle, but now i completely see what those people are talking about.  she is filled with so much wonder, and just being around her allows you to sit back and appreciate the simple things in life.  it's so much fun to see life through her new eyes.  i can't wait to see her grow into a young woman (which is already kinda happening a little too fast for my taste) and i hope life grants her a best friend just as special to her, as her mama is to me.  literally everything alice does is bursting with so much cuteness. . . all emily and i can do is just look at each other, smile, and say "it's.  pretty.  ridiculous."  because it is.

cory and i had the opportunity to babysit alice last week, while emily and byron had a little date night.  we had so much fun (i think she even gave cory a little baby fever, haha)!


new model for babies-r-us advertisements?  this needs to happen.

^^^uncle cory, teaching her how to open the ottoman

playing some soccer together.

my favorite part of the night.  she pointed to a picture of cory and i, and started waving to it!!!  try to tell me that doesn't make your heart want to burst!

time for night-night

my bff and her hubs (a.k.a. parents to the most awesome baby.  ever.)

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  1. You are so sweet, you made me cry! I love the pics! Cory and Alice together is too much! Looks like she had lots of fun with her Abba.