weekly roundup

i began the week harboring a nasty cold, even though i did my best to fend it off with zinc and fresh squeezed oj.  i guess i can't be mad, since i survived flu season without getting sick once!

spring has sprung people! i'm so thankful this beautiful season is finally arriving.

gotta love the free soft serve at jason's deli. (please excuse my appearance. . .  i worked all day, was under the weather, and had just worked out for an hour.  hence the need for a little ice cream.)

this is what shopping with cory at target looks like.

our weekly tradition of friday night tacos.

 we celebrated st. patrick's day with some wonderful friends (more about that on a later post).

sunday morning breakfast.  i don't make cory eat the vegetarian bacon, and i think that makes me a good girlfriend :)

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  1. I'm sorry you were sick. You watched Alice about 2 weeks ago, right? That's usually the baby bug incubation period. Cory at target- so funny!