labor day camping

cory and i finally made it camping this summer (ya know, now that it's almost over) for a short labor day weekend getaway.  we tried out a new campsite at falls lake state park, and it was awesome... i can't wait to go back!  we had so much fun, i wish we could have stayed for a few days, but alas... hospitals don't close and i guess someone has to work.  i hope you all had a wonderful "long" weekend, as well :)

moss patch (...for christine)!

^^he's such a cute camper :)^^                                                                               

**on a side note, i feel the need to share this recipe for tzatziki potato salad from smitten kitchen.  i whipped up a batch of this and brought it along to accompany the kebobs we grilled for dinner.  it was the perfect side dish!  it's also great for all you mayo-haters (an aversion which i will never understand).

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  1. I don't think I've ever been to Falls Lake...but it looks beautiful. Glad you had a great Labor Day weekend!