rise & shine

this summer i was finally able to cross something off of my bucket list... rise in durham.  if you know me at all, you will know i'm not a morning person and the thought of waking up early absolutely makes me nauseous.  there are actually few things in life that i consider a priority over sleeping in (all involving food, of course): homemade breakfast at my mom and dad's house, cory's coffee (that man can make some damn good coffee), and the promise of a cronut.  i've longed to try a cronut ever since they became a nationwide craze several years ago... i've even dreamed about them!  when i caught wind that rise made their own version of the cronut (the "cronie"), i knew it was time to set aside my differences with my alarm clock.  upon my arrival early one saturday morning (okay, it was like 9:00 AM, but that's still pretty early in my book), there was literally a line out the door!  after a 20 minute wait in line, the cashier told me the devastating news that they sold out of cronies earlier that morning (they only make a limited number each day).  i wiped away a few tears, and instead ordered a biscuit with egg and cheese (they are really famous for their biscuits), and a red velvet cake and chocolate glazed donut for dessert.  all of which were incredible (thus justifying the super-long line)!  i'm still pretty bummed i'm currently living a cronut-less lifestyle, but maybe one day i'll have the opportunity to cross that off my bucket list too.  i'll never give up!

^^^my inner 8 year old really wanted me to order the cap'n crunch berry donut

ah, that biscuit!  perfectly flaky and buttery.

the red velvet cake donut.  yes, it was a good as it looks.

somehow a bavarian creme-filled long john found it's way into my bag!  maybe it was the look of defeat and devastation i had on my face when i was informed they were out of cronies, or maybe it was purely accidental, but it almost made up for the fact that i didn't get a cronie.  almost.

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  1. That place is the best! I once had a cronie and a fried green tomato biscuit. It's worth the early rising time!