hey, guess what... i can sew: baby playmat

there's just something about handmade gifts!  i love to give them and i love to receive them.  recently, i made this mermaid themed playmat for one of my lovely coworker's new baby girl!  i saw this fabric and knew it would be perfect for this project since she's a summer baby :)  i followed this tutorial from the purl bee.  it was pretty easy and very straightforward... i can't wait to make more!


can we just take a moment to admire this pin cushion?  i don't know whose idea it was to make them look like tomatoes, but i'd like to shake this person's hand.  and the strawberry pin sharpener... perfection!

the embroidery step adds such an adorable touch to this project.  the embroidered image appears on the opposing fabric on the opposite side (the back) of the mat.

and here's the cutest thing you ever did see!  glad you're enjoying your new mermaid playmat, kinley!

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  1. That's super cute! I love the fabric. Great job, you crafty gal!