let's get botanical, botanical

during a recent trip to see my parents in florida, cory and i visited kanapaha botanical gardens with my mom.  i can't believe i lived in gainesville for 23 years, and had never once been here.  it is such a lovely place filled with beautiful and exotic plants from all over the world (the giant lily pads were my favorite)!  we actually had the place almost entirely to ourselves since we slept in and then decided to indulge in some deep dish at leonardo's pizza (a childhood favorite of mine) before we hit up the botanical gardens.  we actually arrived an hour before they closed, but still had enough time to circle the gardens.  there were a few moments i felt like it was just the three of us on a lush, tropical deserted island in the south pacific.  here are a few pics from that day...

^^^i love when he agrees to a tacky photo-op

spanish moss = home

what a fun way to spend the day!  i highly recommend a visit if you're ever in town.  now here's a picture of that deep dish pizza in case any of you were wondering.  sorry, the photo quality is not that great... my mind was telling me to fix my camera settings, but my stomach was telling me to stop and eat the pizza.  stomach always wins.  always.


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