labour day

happy labor day!  despite the fact that i had to work today, we had a (much needed) super fun weekend!  our favorite newlyweds invited us to join them and their family in pawley's island, south carolina.  it's kind of hard to believe that this beautiful oasis is just a few miles away from the craziness of myrtle beach.  pawley's is mostly residental, so it's not crowded and very quiet.  not only are there beautiful beaches, but it's surrounded by inlets filled with costal grass that will make you feel like you're starring in an episode of dawson's creek!  the beaches are dog friendly (which i personally love) and the sand is adorned with beautiful shells and tiny shark teeth!

^^^check out this gorgeous beach house we stayed in

a peek inside...

katie and i spent about 3 hours in the sand digging for sharks teeth....

....and we got pretty dirty in the process!

and we all know i love a good sunset!

i hope you all had a wonderful day off!  if you ask me, i don't think one national day off of work makes up for the other 259 days you spend slaving away!  can i get an amen?

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  1. That house looks amazing and I'm loving your cute bathing suits!