savouring summer

summer is by far my favorite season hands down.  here are a just a few reasons why....
cornhole games with friends

sweet delicious watermelon.  the quintessential fruit of summer

neon toenails with red saltwaters

my man's bbq

al fresco day drinking (also, bell's two hearted in 24 oz cans... i've died and gone to beer heaven)

or really finding any excuse to go "al fresco" (cafe lights are so magical, don't ya think?)

baseball games

bowling (which can really be done in any kind of weather.... but it's mostly just a good excuse to take funny pictures.  see below)
what i'm trying to say is that if you are not a fan of summer and all things above, i'm not sure we can be friends.  i'll miss you dearly, summer 2014.  now, i guess i'll go drink a pumpkin latte and wait for the seasonal depression to set in.  kidding! (sort of)

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