honeymoon: part two

well, the honeymoon is over (in the literal, not figurative sense, haha).  cory had the brilliant idea to take advantage of our final few days off from work, by planning a small getaway to the more local, yet slightly less exotic, wrightsville beach.  and let me tell you, after a week at an all-inclusive resort in jamaica... homegirl needed a little transition period :)

we were treated like royalty by the amazing staff at the holiday inn resort on wrightsville beach.  they surprised us with an upgrade to a beachfront suite, and a fruit and cheese plate with a chilled bottle of champagne.  how nice!

 the above photo is a fairly accurate representation of what we did with most of our time.  we soaked up as much sunshine as we could!

beach cuteness.

we visited some of our favorite spots we've discovered over the years, including chop's deli in wilmington (i went with the marseille, although none of their creations ever disappoint).

we both indulged in each of our vices. me: vanilla ice cream.  cory: a good cigar.

oh, and those sunsets!  why are they always the best at the beach?  can you believe this was taken with my iphone #nofilter?

now, allow me to indulge a bit in my newfound obsession of night photography.  and what a great weekend i chose to discover my new hobby :)  there happened to be a supermoon the last night we were there.  it was so beautiful, my pictures don't even do it justice...
can you believe these were all taken in the pitch black of night?  thank goodness for slow shutter speeds (if only i had a tripod)!

it's been a long week, but i think we've both adjusted back to normal work life just fine.  while vacations are so much fun, they can be exhausting too (it's hard work laying out on the beach all day, ya know?) so it's actually been kind of nice to get back into the day-to-day routine... at least, for now :)

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  1. I'm diggin those nighttime photos! You must tell me what you learned! Way to go on the upgrade- that's awesome! Miss you dearly!!!