weekly roundup 8.4.13

towards the beginning of the week, i noticed our little bird family who made their home on our front porch are growing big and strong!  it just so happens, i have a perfect view of their nest from my favorite spot on the couch.  i had a front row seat to all the action between mama bird and her four little babies!

cory surprised me with a bouquet of some of my favorite flowers (i know, i say this about all flowers...but these really are at the top of my list), stargazer lilies.  the colors are so vivid and they smell incredible.  thanks, c-trotts!

  saturday, we had the opportunity to meet up with a few friends, including the bff and her family.  we had an early dinner at the new cowfish in raleigh.  dinner was delicious, but can i please tell you about the dessert?  i had "chef dave's not factory made cheesecake" which consisted of rich and creamy coconut almond cheesecake atop a golden fortune cookie crust, finished with almond coconut and raspberry sauce.  that's right, fortune cookie crust.

 okay, now back to my birds.  when i woke up saturday morning, i noticed one of the babies had officially left the nest.  we were down to three babies.  i just can't get over how cute these little guys are.
later in the day, i realized two more had flown the coop.  we were down to one lonely baby bird.  i felt so bad for him.  it must be the same type of feeling when you're with a group of friends at the pool getting ready to jump off the high dive at the same time, but you chicken out and everyone else has jumped except you...not a good feeling.
sunday morning i awoke to find that the last baby bird had built up the courage to leave the nest.  they grow up so fast!  i'm sad they're gone, but it was so much fun to watch.  oh well, i guess we have some cleaning up to do now.  i think i really need to look into getting a puppy or something, because i was obviously way too involved with these birds.  hah.

and, finally... it's the first weekend in a while we have woken up at our leisure in the comfort of our own home, so we of course had to indulge in our traditional sunday morning breakfast routine.  i feel that cheesy hashbrowns are a necessary part of any routine, really :) 

i hope you all had a great week/weekend, with an even better one yet to come!


  1. Awww, that's such a cute picture of us! I love those tiny birds, but they sure did poop a lot.

  2. Aww, baby birds! My mom has a nest in one of her trees in her back yard we were watching this weekend. The eggs had just hatched within the past week and you can see their little heads bob up and down from the kitchen window. So cute!!!

  3. Oh my goodness! Those little baby birds are darling. I would have sat out there and watched them all the time. And that breakfast looks delicious!

  4. Wow, such cute baby birds!! and that cheesecake at cowfish is the best!