life in moments 8.25.13

1.  when one of my patients told me that i didn't look old enough to be doing his ultrasound!  i used to hear this all the time in my twenties, but since i hit old age my thirties, i hear this less and less.  so when i do hear it, i smile and soak it up... because it may the be the last time :)

2.  when two of my besties had birthdays this week!  happy birthday (again) machi and emily!

 3.  when i went to the bff's house for a little quality time with her and the babe.  alice is in such an adorable stage where she wants to say and do everything you do (but who am i kidding, all of her stages have been pretty adorable).  my favorite was when when she hugged me goodnight after bathtime, and i had the smell of her baby lotion on me for the rest of the evening.  goodness... i love that baby so!  p.s. ^^^check out how much air she gets on that pony!   

4.  that moment when i got behind a truck with two fish stickers on the back, and i was surprised when i realized i knew what both kinds of fish were (redfish and snook)!!  my daddy taught me well :)

5.  when i was watching teen jeopardy and got over half of the questions correct!! (whatever, it made me feel good about myself... those kids are geniuses)!

6.  the moment friday night when my friend katie sent me this picture message!  how much fun to have one of your closest friends engaged at the same time as you are!  i'm so excited for her!

7.  when we were blessed with the most beautiful weather on my two favorite days of the week (you guessed it, saturday and sunday)!  blue skies, low humidity, cool breeze... perfect!

8.  when i made a few fun gift baskets this week (photos to follow in future post)!

  9.  since i've met the love of my life who's incidentally a health conscious weirdo and doesn't like sweets... i haven't baked in a while.  so, i had so much fun making these caramelized apple hand pies for katie's housewarming/engagement party this weekend.

10.  dogsitting.  i'm watching my bff's chihuahua, rosy, for a few days.  i really love having a doggy to keep me company around the house... even though she's kind of more like a cat or a tiny deer, than a dog.  but i love her just the same :)


  1. I love that we are wedding planning twins! I'm also super happy that you are a couple of months ahead of me so that I can ask you for help/advice about everything :) You outdid yourself with all the sweet gifts and treats you made for the housewarming party! I'm so lucky to have you as one of my best friends.

  2. haha I'm totally the same way bout teen Jeopardy!! And those pies are so cute, love the packaging!! :)

  3. Those hand pies look absolutely delish!! I love the packaging!