five on friday 8.30.13

yay!  it's friday linkup time!

1.  i am loving the sporty clothing trend for the fall.  this sweatshirt from nordstrom dresses up an average comfy sweatshirt with a lace panel on the front and a peekaboo cutout in the back.  and these sweatpants from jcrew are tailored in such a way, that they are socially acceptable to wear in public.  you may find me living in these all fall/winter long.

2.  i picked up this new addition for our living room (the tree, not the dog) at a local plant nursery last week.  i have been lusting for a fiddle leaf fig tree for a while now, and i finally got one.  hopefully i don't kill it with my black thumb.  it's amazing what a difference a live plant can do to an otherwise boring space!  call me weird, but i like to name my plants.  cory and i decided to name him steve jobs (mostly because i had just watched a really inspirational documentary on him a few hours before).  also, don't be jealous of steve's sexy black plastic pot... i'm on the search for a more attractive one for him :)

3.  gator football begins this weekend... woo hoo!  i'm so excited for this season (i might even be attending the tennessee game live and in person this year at my 'ol alma mater.  yay!).  go gators!!!

4.  how cute is this print from modcloth?  i could definitely use this to integrate into our wedding decor... and then maybe eventually a baby nursery???

5.  you know i like to end this thing with a song.  this song is so nostalgic for me (in a college spring break sorta way), and i always imagine myself laying out on the beach in the sun every time i hear it.  here's to the last few weeks of summer.  oh, how you will be missed.

happy labor day weekend!


  1. The tree is gorgeous! I have one that looks similar... but it's fake :( ha.

    Oh and the dog makes a great addition to the room as well :) heh.

  2. I need that sweatshirt and j crew sweat pants for my "fat days" which are becoming more often as I'm getting older! I've been wanting a fiddle leaf fern forever! Is it a lot of upkeep and was it expensive?