five on friday 8.2.13

i'm linking up with april, christina, natasha, and darci again for five on friday!

1.  have your tissues handy when you watch this video.  rachel wolf is not even engaged, but knowing that her father is dying of cancer, she surprised him with a faux wedding so they could have their dance and so that he would be at her wedding whenever it does occur, even if only on video.  what a sweet moment between a father and daughter. . . it's a moment i know i've been looking forward to my whole life (and one my dad has probably been dreading)!  haha.  okay, now allow me to wipe the tears off my face so i can continue this post... 

 2.  i'm a fan of bars:  cocktail bars, salad bars, tie bars, ballet barres, ice cream bars... but when i saw this idea for a biscuit bar on pinterest it went straight to the top of my list of favorite bars.  i will definitely keep this idea on the backburner for a potential breakfast/brunch get-together.  i love that you can combine savory flavors (bacon, eggs, gravy) with sweet flavors (jam or honey) all with one simple biscuit recipe!  Yum.

3.  in case you didn't know...august 1 was national ipa day.  cory and i celebrated the love for our favorite beer together, over some delicious pizza thursday night!

4.  in an attempt to save money, i'm trying to wear things in my closet (some still with the tags on them) that I haven't worn in a year or two. it's fun trying to coordinate pieces I wouldn't normally wear together (see above). cory was my photographer for the above photo. god bless him for trying, but he always cuts off my shoes :) 

5.  i'm sucking it up...and finally trying out a new stylist for a haircut. Here are a few pics combining the look i'm going for: top left side bangs, bottom left blonde, and the layers on the right. eeee, i'm scared!

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  1. Your hair is getting so long! I can't wait to see the new cut and color.