five on friday 8.16.13

hey everyone!  i took a little vacation from my blog last week.  sometimes it seems impossible to find time to do anything in-between working, going to the gym, and cooking dinner... how do you people with children do it?  seriously!  well, i'm back and linking up again this friday to share five of my "favorites" from this week.  here we go...

1.  buttered popcorn jelly beans.  need i say more?

2.  getting the sweetest handmade card in the mail from the bff, containing the most adorable picture of my favorite 20 month old to hang on my refrigerator!  this is the stuff life is made of people.  also... with all the overwhelming amount of technology and social media these days, it's quite refreshing to receive an actual handwritten card/letter in the mail.  love you, emily!

3.  taco night accompanied by my favorite beer!!

4.  i've been on a bit of a shopping hiatus for the past month.  it's been an extremely difficult time for me :)  however, my temptation has been sparked by this cute floral trench coat from ruche.  the fall-esque weather here in north carolina is not really helping the situation, either.

5.  this is what my dinner looks like when cory isn't around, and i don't feel like cooking.  can i please just move to france now?

have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Mmm I like those kind of dinners too!
    The fall weather is confusing my TX heart. But I like it! Happy Friday! :)

  2. I'm glad you liked the card and the picture. I had the same dinner last night. I raided the fridge for cheese and the pantry for crackers that weren't stale and added an apple, you know- to be healthy.