life in moments 8.18.13

1.  receiving an email from my favorite friend in college, Chad, who i haven't heard from in 5 years!  we gave ourselves the moniker "the anti-clique clique".  the UF college of health sciences class of 2004 was full of snotty sorority girls (no offense to my soro gals), and uptight brainiacs!  chad and i instantly bonded, and actually rarely saw one another since we switched off daily class attendance and just copied each others notes :) 

2. when i had a date night with myself, which consisted of drinking wine at home and finally getting around to watching the season premiere of breaking bad! i'm so sad it's the last season.  "does bubble gum really belong anywhere near ocean spray?"

3.  that moment when i was on the treadmill at the gym, and titanic came on the little t.v. in front of me.  this scene always makes me happy!

4.  when i attended my coworkers gender reveal party.  the expression on her face when she cut open that cake was priceless... and had put a smile on my face more times this week than i can count.

5.  that moment when i turned on my car heater in the morning on my drive to work.  august, you've been seriously confusing, but you're making me really excited for fall.

 6.  when i received this letter from my mom in the mail.  she is so sweet and thoughtful, and i love her with all of my heart.  thanks for the free panty coupon, mom!

7.  friday, when i had a productive day off from work.  i love running errands on weekdays.  it makes me sorta jealous of stay at home moms/wives/girlfriends who get to do that everyday.

 8. eating childhood snacks in bed.

9.  having a really vivid dream about my favorite g-mama and spending time together in her old house (present day)... makes me feel like she's still checking in on me from time to time ;)  i miss her.

 10.  when i made homemade tomato sauce using this recipe!  i'm a firm believer in that everything that is homemade is better.



  1. Everything homemade IS better! The sauce looks great! Funny...my mother-in-law made sure to share the same VS coupon with me. These moms always looking out...
    Amy @ http://giftedgabber.blogspot.com/

  2. Free panties! Woo!

    Oh, and I looove that scene from The Titanic. It gives me goose bumps.

  3. Homemade tomato sauce is the best!! It makes a huge difference.


  4. LOVE Titanic. Why haven't we ever watched that together?! I'm still in secretly in love with 1990's Leo (well I guess it's not a secret anymore). :)

  5. I love running errands on Fridays if I can. It makes the weekend so much better! Love that your Mom sent you that note and coupon!