rockin' around the christmas tree

cory and i are lucky to live in a state that grows beautiful frasier fir christmas trees, however our schedules don't always allow us to take a four hour drive (each way) to travel to the western part of the state to cut down our own tree.  due to crazy work schedules and a bit of a time crunch, we visited the nearby boyce farms last week to pick out a tree.  they have several types growing on their property that you can cut down, or you can choose a pre-cut frasier fir (they're the best in my opinion... if not just for their aroma alone).  i spotted our tree from afar immediately as we pulled in, it was love at first sight.  once we had the crew trim it and tie it to the car, we got some hot chocolate and walked around the farm a bit.  this place was seriously so cute, and the people working there were so nice... this may become our new tradition rather than traveling so far to cut one down ourselves ;)  

once we got home we dressed in our christmas jammies (and a christmas sweater for louie), we put on some christmas records (michael buble's christmas album is essential, in my opinion.  LOVE HIM), and we went to town decorating our tree!  i have so much fun and look forward to this every year, and 2016 was no exception.  a few pics (and a video, of course because i can't help myself) below:

you can see our 2014 tree pickin' adventure here!

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