revisitng the nights of lights in america's oldest city

soooo... i've had this post as a draft for over two years. i was originally going to post it after our visit to st. augustine for new years eve 2014, but the holiday had already passed, and it just felt too late to make a post about christmas lights.  this poor draft sat in my inbox and kept getting further and further back until i forgot about it.  i saw it sitting there all by it's lonesome a few days ago, and i felt like it was crying out to me "publish me!  publish me!".  well, with christmas being two days away... now is just as good a time as any!

this was the second year we rang in the new year in st. augustine, and we've had a blast each time.  in addition to all things adorable this town offers at all times of year (historic houses, cobblestone streets, spanish forts, etc), they decorate the town each christmas for the the st. augustine nights of lights.  almost every home, inn, and restaurant is beautifully covered in an elaborate display of lights, garland and wreaths!  our last night there we took a lovely stroll through town after dinner, and i of course took way too many photos.  i can promise you the lights are equally (if not more) spectacular this year, as they were in 2014!

this is by far my favorite house we saw... but then again, who could not fall in love with the glow of a colorful christmas tree shining in the window of a mint-colored house covered with icicle lights?  swoon!

^^^they even put lights on the horse carraiges!

st. augustine... you'll always be one of my favorites (especially at christmastime).

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