five on friday

i'm linking up today with christina from carolina charm to share my five favorites from the week.  here we go y'all...

1.  a super sweet co-worker of mine picked up these kendra earrings for me on sale at nordstrom rack for $19 (orginally $65!!!!).  the colors in the abalone shell are absolutely beautiful!  can't wait to pair these with a black turtleneck this winter.

2.  all the heart eye emojis for this beautiful christmas decor i saw in anthropologie this week!  i went in looking for a shirt i saw online (couldn't find my size online), and the last one they had left in store was MY SIZE (on sale, too).  i love when the stars align.

i can't stop listening to kacey musgraves' christmas album!  my favorite song from the album is "christmas makes me cry" (thought i was the only one, haha.  it's quite sappy).  also, she does a wicked version of mele kalikimaka!  i love how distinguishable her voice is... even if she's singing a cover song, she still manages a way to give it her signature sound.  and gosh darn it, she's gorgeous too!  okay, i'll admit it... i have a bit of a girl crush. 

last week, i fulfilled my lifelong dream of having a lavender iced latte at ollie's cafe in downtown wake forest.  it was so unbelievably good, that i had to recreate my own at home.  my concoction was pretty darn close... annnd i will be sharing my recipe for lavender simple syrup here on the blog soon!

recently i've been slightly obsessed with the amazing podcast, "my favorite murder" (and by slightly obsessed, i mean i've exhausted my phone battery multiple times by carrying my phone around with me all day wherever i go playing back-to-back episodes nonstop)!  the hosts are hilarious, they make you feel like you are in your living room talking with two of your best friends while discussing various topics like hair dye, cats, and murrrrrder!  it's seriously so good.  several times, they've referenced facts from the above book about ted bundy,  which was written by his co-worker ann rule.  i ordered it on amazon today, and can't wait to crack it open.  any other murderinos out there?

anyways... i hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!  stay sexy, and don't get murdered!

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