our 2016 christmas card

i've finally tackled the task of writing, addressing, and mailing out all of our 2016 christmas cards.  it really only took a few days, but i worked on a few cards each day after work until they were finally complete and ready to send out (probably took me a little longer too because my handwriting is awful, and i have to "try" to make it somewhat decent).  also, i have no idea how people have enough time to write those christmas essays they include with their cards, describing their year prior and things they've accomplished (mine would go something like this, "i worked too much, i ate a lot of food, i slept, and i cuddled my dog a lot.  the end").  ha!

i have a fun time coming up with a photo idea for our card each year (luckily, cory normally goes along with whatever i decide... even if he will only agree to pose for pictures for no more than five minutes. haha).  this year we kept it a bit low key in our christmas jammies.  of course, i had to include a solo photo of louie in his jammies because he's so darn cute in them!

we ordered our cards via paperless post.  they have so many cute designs (including my favorite featured designer, rifle paper co.), and they take such great care when shipping your cards to you. along with being shipped in your typical cardboard container, the cards themselves are secured in a nice sturdy box and wrapped in tissue.  their prices are good, and they're printed/shipped fast as well.

for those of you who didn't get a card this year, please consider the above version completely yours ;)  merry christmas!

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