life in moments 9.8.13

1.  that moment cory and i were driving back home from our "date night" and we began to freestyle rap (a drunk talent of mine that only a select few have ever had the pleasure of experiencing)  :)

2.  when i saved a beetle that was stuck in a cobweb near our front door.  i also like to help beetles out who have flipped on their backs and are struggling to turn over.  fun fact about beetles:  beetles are one of the few forms of insects that actually protect and safeguard their offspring.  thanks, wikipedia ;)

3.  receiving my wedding dress in the mail (yes, i'm an avid online shopper, even when it comes to wedding attire)!!!  i absolutely love it.

4.  can i get a hells yeah for labor day on monday?  even though i was stuck laboring on labor day, it's refreshing to take time out to observe a holiday that's not centered around religion, old politicians, or the pressure of gift giving.  instead it simply celebrates hardworking americans!  we deserve a break from time to time, damnit (even if it is only once a year).

5.  that moment when i was scanning an eleven year old boy, and he was talking to his dad about why we have two of certain body parts (kidneys, arms, eyes...) and he said and i quote "you ought to find the one you recognize. the one who gives you four arms, four legs, four eyes, and has the other half of your heart. there's only one of those, so what are all the other things for?"  did your heart just melt? because mind did that day.

 6.  hanging out with friends on thursday night for game 2 of the playoffs for the durham bulls.  it was craft beer rodeo night... needless to say, we had lots of fun.  also, cory kept stealing peanuts out of brain's pocket.  i don't know what's weirder: eating peanuts out of someone else's pocket vs. actually having peanuts in one's pockets.  those guys always make me laugh.

7.  having the opportunity to work with one of my favorites all week long!

8.  that moment i was randomly flipping though the tv guide, and troop beverly hills was on!  it's been so long since i've seen that movie, and i still consider it nothing less than a masterpiece.  also, what a fun group halloween costume idea... hmmmm.  anyone else game? "beverly hills, what a thrill!"

9.  when cory and i were having our weekly sunday night grill-out, and multiple groups of geese flew (honking) overhead.  it made me realize these birds will soon make their journey down south for the winter, and i have to admit... i'm a little bit jealous!

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  1. So I caught the movie, too. Was always one of my favorites and I was at the Bulls game. No beer for me though; ) and hooray on your wedding dress.