life in moments 9.16.13

1.  having today off, and knowing that i only have to work two days this week before a short vacation to the motherland of florida.  woot woot!

2.  organizing my closet (a tidy home is a happy home), and getting excited about all the "cold weather" clothes i get to break out again soon!  boots, coats, and scarves... oh my!

3.  ^^seeing this display of fall goodness^^

4.  noticing that i'm inching further away from twenty and closer to forty when i went shopping this past weekend, and the purchases i was most pumped about came from michaels... (and i'm okay with this, because...)

5.  i got carded multiple times within the past week!!  (a sign that i still got it/drank to much this past week).

 6.  long-distance celebrating my mom's twenty ninth birthday!  happy birthday mom, i love you more than words!

7.  taking a slightly impromptu vacay to visit my man while he was working out of town for the weekend.  although he worked a majority of the time,  we had fun eating and drinking the night away at one of our favorite restaurants, taco mac!

8.  and can we just talk about that king size bed at the hotel we slept in for two nights in a row?  it's unbelievable what a difference 16 inches makes (especially when you're sleeping with a 6'4" hunk of a guy).  heaven.

9.  knowing that in just a few days i'll be in the swamp, hopefully watching the gators annihilate tennessee!
 10.  ^^enjoying amazing weather tonight with this guy^^, and grilling out on the charcoal grill in the backyard.  charcoal > gas, in my humble opinion.


  1. Whaaa??? Close to 40?? I need to know what you use on your face.

    1. haha! rebecca, i'm actually on 31, but i'm planning on using the next nine years to mentally prepare myself for the arrival of the big 4-0! :)