five on friday 9.13.13

i'm linking up again, for five on friday (the thirteenth, by the way... so be careful)!

1.  yay for homemade guacamole!

2.  have you seen this video?  this guy's reaction to seeing his wife as he is waking up after surgery is priceless and really funny!

 3.  my inner middle-aged woman came out this week when i got the urge to make a fall wreath for our back door.  i even made the felt and burlap flowers myself with this tutorial!

4.  speaking of fall, how amazing would it be to wake up to these whiskey cinnamon rolls on a cool, crisp morning?  now, that's worth getting out of bed for!

5.  i heard this song on the radio this week, after not hearing it for what seems like a really long time.  i was reminded this will forever be one of my favorite songs of all time!

happy friday!


  1. Oh my goodness, whiskey cinnamon rolls sound amazing!! I made some whiskey whoopie pies a while back and loved the hint of Maker's Mark in the filling. Happy Friday!

  2. One word for all of this: adore. Have a kick ass weekend.

  3. Definitely feeling fall with that wreath! I just posted our fall wreath. Burlap is perfect for fall!! :)

  4. Your wreath looks amazing!! I'm trying to decide what to do for my fall wreath...this one is really cute!

  5. Mmmmmm guac! The wreath looks great, too! :)

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