life in moments 9.29.13

last week, cory and i left the motherland (i.e. my hometown of gainesville, florida).  i always love going back home, spending time with the fam, and revisiting childhood landmarks.  there is even a road named after us in the bustling town of lake city, florida!! (no big deal).

and can i just tell you how hard it is to leave this little guy?  so hard.  i know he's in good hands with my parents, though.  love you, mr. b!

my amazing future groom was kind enough to bring home the most beautiful assortment of my favorite flowers from a local farm in durham.  i love me some lilies... and they smell like heaven.

we've been doing our best to try to eat more "whole foods" around here over the past few weeks (meaning i've been cooking more "whole foods" and cory has no choice other than to starve, unless he eats them).

okay, forget everything i said about "whole foods".  the dining highlight of my week was pizza, ranch, and beer.  a classic combination, if you ask me.

 this weekend, we "unplugged" a bit to spend a little time just the two of us (cue will smith background music) and to soak in the gorgeous weather.  we attended raleigh's downtown bluegrass festival during the day (more on that in another post) and capped the night off with a visit to lowes home improvement (a surprisingly pleasant way to spend a saturday night, if you ask me... it's so much fun to dream about renovations to a house that we don't currently own, haha).  i even made the cutest little bunny friend in the garden department!

i hope you all had an equally amazing weekend, and that your monday is as painless as possible ;)

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