say yes to the dress

i was so excited to finally get my hands on my wedding dress a few weeks ago!  as i tried it on and admired all of it's beautiful details, i couldn't help but reminisce how i envisioned my dream wedding dress throughout certain points in my life (childhood, preteens, teen, twenties and beyond).  here's a few pictures representing my thankful evolution in bridal fashion...

early 80's.  she's a fashion icon... don't hate.

late 80's.  i wanted my colors to be blush and bashful.

i'm a little embarassed to admit this one, but... it was the 90's.

2000's, monique lhuillier dress made entirely from peacock feathers.  i still think this dress is amazing, yet just a bit over the top ;-)

currently, i absolutely love tea-length gowns! unfortunately this type of dress doesn't really go with my theme/venue... but if i was doing a courthouse ceremony, this would be the one.

 if money wasn't an issue (why can't i just be rich?), then i'd be rocking this gown down the aisle on june 28th... however, i'm a bride on a budget, and $1800 seems just a little ridiculous for a dress you will only wear for one day.

 today!!!  ^^^eeee, i'm so excited.  i wish i could show you more... unfortunately you'll have to wait until june, because that man of mine likes to frequent my blog from time to time :)  i really love the way my dress looks and feels, and i couldn't imagine a dress that is more... me. (although, hopefully my tastes won't change so much in the future, that it will eventually make me cringe like the one with the red sash!!)


  1. I totally had the same 90's and tea length phases! I can't wait to see you in your dress!!!

  2. So I randomly found this while searching for courthouse wedding dresses...and was hoping you could help me with the details on the tea length dress you posted? It's beautiful!