weekly roundup

whew.  this week was a bit trying emotionally. . . but i can honestly say it's weeks like this make me extra thankful for the small things i sadly find myself taking for granted: supportive family members, friends who go out of their way to "be there" for you, good health, and finding happiness in the least expected places.  don't take your days for granted people!! ;)  on another note, most of this post contains pictures of food and alcohol. . . don't say i didn't warn you.

my solution for a quick and healthy dinner that doesn't take hours to prepare: low-carb mexican chicken wraps.

our regular week night date spot. . . brixx.  have you ever tried fresh arugula on top of your pizza?  if not, go do it now.  also, as you can tell. . . cory loves when i snap countless photos of him on any given night.  so enthused.

i'm dogsitting my god-dog this weekend.  little rosy. . . she's such a sweet lady.

i'm slowly collecting odds and ends for our "DIY" wedding. . . this week i got several different washi tapes and some twine to add to the colletion!

 saturday afternoon, we oficially found our new favorite outdoor spot in downtown raleigh, the landmark tavern.  you got to love a place that uses craft beer glasses!

saturday afternoon we went on an impromptu self-guided walking tour of downtown raleigh.  i love the mix of old and new architecture this city has to offer.

we concluded our weekend with an alfresco dinner (consisting of beer and wings) at the carolina ale house.  we were graced with a beautiful sunset view right from our table!

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