five on friday

it's time for five on friday!  here we go . . .

1.  date nights with ^^^this guy^^^ make weeks like this go by much faster (and that's a good thing, since i pretty much live for the weekend).

2.  isn't this coffee creamer from modcloth the cutest?  i've been eying it for months, and i think it may finally be time to cave and spend the $15.  i think it's too adorable to pass up!

3.  i discovered this no heat hair curling tutorial from the paper mama on pinterest a year or so ago.  i kind of forgot about it, and randomly started doing it again this week.  it's really great for me, because i'm not by any means a morning person.  i do this before i go to bed, wake up. . . and voila! wavy curls!

4.  i'm loving today's date, because. . . exactly one year from today i will be married to my favorite person in the world!!  june 28th, people.  pencil us in!

 5.  i'm loving these heart-shaped sunglasses i've been seeing everywhere.  i think this aviator version from nordstrom is a good i don't want to be the center of attention but still want to look cute alternative.

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