weekly roundup

monday night i babysat this beautiful bundle of joy.  if you suffer from baby fever, trust me when i say that watching alice is definitely not a cure. . . she's basically the coolest, cutest, sweetest 18 month old on the planet.

this is what spending $100 during a 15 minute shopping trip to target looks like.  i think it was the razors that really put me over the edge.  ugh, this makes me feel ill, let's move on.

wednesday night we had to say goodbye to our temporary roomie/permanent friend, brian.  while it's sad to see him go, i do look forward to visiting him in whichever fabulous city he decides to settle into next.  he's been a wonderful friend to both cory and myself, and i wish him the best in his future endeavors.  go get 'em g-man!

we spent a lovely saturday evening with a few great friends, which included dinner and drinks alfresco followed by cigars. . . and more drinks :)

and finally. . . happy father's day to all the wonderful fathers i know. . . especially one father in particular, who (in my opinion) is the best dad in the world!  dad, i love you so much and can't wait to celebrate with you next week!  xoxo.

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