weekly roundup

this post is just a few days late. . .but better late than never.  last week was all about my 31st birthday!  i'm such a lucky girl to have a wonderful family and group of friends who are so thoughtful.  thanks for all the birthday wishes and all the amazing things everybody did to make my day super special!

on monday, my wonderful co-worker/work mom, patricia, baked the most delicious cake to kick off my birthday week.

mid-week, i came home to a soggy brown box by my back door (it had been raining).  despite my enthusiasm for online shopping,  i knew i hadn't ordered anything recently.  i took the box inside, opened it up, and was super surprised at the sight of the "blue box" all of us ladies know so well.  my best friends from back home, machi and helen, sent me this beautiful crystal jewelry bowl!  this pretty little bowl will definitely be a family heirloom for many years to come.  oh how i love my two chongas!

    wednesday night (my actual birthday), cory surprised me with a full cake decorating set and this cookbook i have been fawning over for months (if you haven't seen little paris kitchen on the cooking network, go watch/dvr it now)!  after opening my gifts, he took me to my favorite pizza restaurant for dinner.  he's such a gem!

 late in the week we left for my hometown of gainesville, florida to spend the weekend with my wonderful parents and dog bentley.  we had fun eating, fishing, spending time together, and eating some more (i never seem to have an empty stomach when i go home).  although i don't get to spend as much time with my parents as i would like, we had a wonderful weekend catching up, laughing, and reminiscing about the "good 'ol days."

all in all it was a great birthday week!  the icing on the cake. . .  when i was checking out at the grocery store with a six pack of beer, and i was asked for my i.d.!  the best 31st birthday gift.  ever.

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