five on friday

five things i'm loving this week for five on friday . . .(lots of summer lovin' over here)

1.  for my birthday next week, my sweet sweet mommy gifted me with this clarisonic mia2 giftset complete with boscia facial products.  i've only had it for a few hours, and i'm already obsessed!

2.  i'm loving finding clothes in my closet from years ago that i kinda forgot about, and incorporating them with some of my newer pieces of clothing.  it's kind of like finding money in a coat pocket you haven't worn since last winter!

3.  i've loved vampire weekend since their first album, and i was ecstatic to hear they were releasing a new album last month.  i already have a few favorite songs from the album, but i'm currently loving this song.  it's so upbeat and summery.
 4.  peaches scream summer to me!  considering how hot it has been these past few weeks, i can't wait to invite some friends over and whip up a batch of this sparkling white peach sangria!

5.  i have been on a mission to find a lace shirt for the summer.  since this one from anthropologie was sold out within a day (why do you have such irresistibly cute clothes, anthropologie?), i'm settling for this more economical and equally as cute version from ruche.  i can't wait to rock it with some colored ankle-length denim and nude heels!


  1. I adore Sangria! I usually put blackberries and mango in mine, but I'll have to try peach! And I love Anthropologie! My wallet, however, does not! ;)

    1. oooh, blackberries and mango sangria sounds amazing! that's a combo i wouldn't have thought of, but i will definitely give that a try this summer :) i agree with you about the anthropologie/wallet struggle, i try to limit my shopping trips there to the sale section only (but even that doesn't guarantee having any money left in my bank account once i leave the store, haha). thanks for checking out my blog!