weekly roundup

this week has made me realize how lucky we are to both have such great families.  it stinks that our immediate relatives live so darn far away. . . but we certainly are blessed to have happy, healthy loved ones who are always close in our hearts and minds.  
the beginning of this week was busy and hectic, but we definitely made up for all the hard work with a fun-filled weekend.  i hope everyone had a wonderful memorial day weekend, while taking a little time to remember those who selflessly protect our freedom each and everyday.

despite my best unintentional efforts to kill this plant (via lack of water and re-potting into a much too small pot). . . it has proven to be a survivor.  i thought it was a goner, but it suddenly perked up and bloomed the most beautiful coral colored flower.  it has made me smile every day this week, each time i walked past my back porch. thanks, plant.

we kicked off the weekend with some great friends at the kenny chesney concert in raleigh.  i'm not the biggest country music fan, but kenny always puts on a good show.  plus. . . i'm a fan of anything that involves tailgating.

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