jamaica: part 2

my favorite photos from the last half of our amazing vacation to the dreamland of jamaica.

we had breakfast on the beach every morning.  no big deal.  :)

this is what every afternoon looked like for us, it's a hard life.

we tried to incorporate as much red stripe into as many photos as possible.

another great thing about jamaica. . . cubans!!

i probably spent just as much time in this swing on our balcony, as i did at the beach.

YOLO (that's for my ultrasound girls)

omg.  lobster pizza.

we went on a really fun catamaran cruise.  they took us snorkeling along a coral reef, cliff diving at the cliffs, and we sailed back to land during a beautiful sunset.


i felt like we were jay-z and beyonce/jfk and jackie-o.  it was a very fancy way to spend the day.

on our last night, we saw a live reggae band as we sat by a bonfire in the sand.

. . . and talk about a homecoming!!!  our amazing roomate brian (who is also partially responsible for setting me up with cory) had this waiting for us as we walked through the door.  it put a smile on our faces after a very long depressing day at the airport.  thanks, brian (attention ladies, he's single!!)

until next time jamaica.  honeymoon, maybe ;-)

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