jamaica: part 1

we were beyond happy to leave cold, rainy north carolina. . . .

. . . and arrive in paradise!
 we were met at the airport with a red stripe, well done rocky's taxi service!

"wastin' away again in margaritaville."

we spent our days and nights at the beautiful kuyaba hotel.

breakfast was so delicious.  actually, all the food there was so delicious.

which leads me to this photo.  let me introduce you to the best jerk chicken in jamaica, which can be found at bourbon beach.  yes, i ate chicken.  every. single. day.

 "fresh fruuuuuiiiiiiiitttt!"

oh, yeah. . .and my favorite part of the vacation, the sunset dinner proposal!!!!

our favorite bartender was kind enough to gift us with some yummy engagement shots :)


  1. Chicken everyday? Love it. We are coming with you next time!

    1. lol! let me know when we should book our tickets!!