random acts from my iphoto library

a few months after cory and i started dating, we went on our first camping trip.  we set up a campfire and drank a few beers, and by that time night began to set in.  the bathroom facilities were a little far away from our campsite, so being the gentleman he is, cory insisted on walking me to the bathroom.  i reached for the flashlight, and we discovered the batteries were dead.  cory then said "hey, hold on . . . i have something!"  he pulled a yellow lighter out of his pocket, clicked a little button, and a light in the form of a yellow simley face appeared before us.  i couldn't stop laughing!!  i thought to myself, why does this guy have a lighter with a smiley faced flashlight. . . .what possessed him to buy this?  i fell more in love with him at that moment.  i adore his silliness!  we still use it to this day when we go camping, can you believe it hasn't burned out yet?
no pictures, please.


  1. Camping again soon? I need some mountain pies and that smiley flashlight back in my life ASAP.

    1. amen sista!! we need to start thinking of mountain pie recipes . . . i'm thinking pimento cheese should be involved.