weekly roundup

this week has been refreshingly slow-paced.  there has been a lot of catching up to do, after our action-packed vacation to jamaica.  here's a few bits of our week:

i got to hang out with this super-sweet cutie and her mama, for a much needed bff date.

despite a week full of long work days for my love, we squeezed in a date night mid-week.  i really appreciate those nights, not only because we get to spend some alone time together. . .  but it's also refreshing to wear something other than scrubs and/or pajamas on a weekday.

celebrating katie k's birthday at arnies, probably the highlight of my weekend!  she's such a great person with an amazing group of friends!
margarita jello shots for the birthday girl!  she probably makes me laugh more than anybody on the planet.
it was a fun night!  happy birthday katie k!!

the second highlight of my weekend. . . cory and i finally got around to seeing the great gatsby.  it was such a great movie, but i did spend the rest of the day in a funk (i won't say anymore, in order to avoid a spoiler alert.)  and can i just say, leonardo dicaprio and carey mulligan can do no wrong.

i can't wait for this week.  i have kenny chesney and nascar to look forward to, y'all.

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