weekly roundup

so glad this week is finally over.  not only because work was more grueling than normal. . . but also because this time next week i will be laying on the beach with my love in jamaica!!  although this week was a bit stressful, i tried to appreciate little joyous moments throughout the day.  so, here you go.
our roommate brian (a former bartender) makes the best margaritas.  and the best thing about it is. . . he only uses three (rather lo-cal) secret ingredients (patron, cointreau, and fresh squeezed lime juice.  ooops, i guess the secret is out).
started packing for jamaica. i had a hard time deciding which swimsuits to bring. . . so i decided to bring all of them.
 i also scored some super cute summer sandals from target this week.
 cory and i had a lovely dinner wednesday night (a.k.a. date night) at the wild turkey lounge/angus barn.  i love how every time we go there, "our" table is always open.
i figured if there is anything that can make bathroom selfie classy, it's a perrier jouet mirror.  what do you think of my 1920's flapper-inspired hair and lipstick?
 saturday, cory and i went on a local farm tour with bff and her family.  it was a lot of fun, not to mention a refreshing way to switch up our normal saturday afternoon routine (a.k.a. waking up at noon, and not leaving the house until around 4 pm).
 completely unnecessary purchases of the week: a cute tee from pac sun and a pretty opalesque statement necklace from h&m.
and on sunday, cory ate an entire burrito the size of his upper torso.

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