weekly roundup

wow, what a week.  i have to say, it's been really difficult to try to stay positive with all this craziness going on all around us.  luckily i have cory's infectious laugh, my mom's cute stories about our dog bentley, and plenty of fun upcoming vacations to help keep positive thoughts in my head and a smile on my face.  I hope you had a great week amidst all of the extremely sad and stressful things going on in this world as of late.
ominous clouds & rain, leading to some electricity loss.
healthy soup of the week: spicy vegan chili
wednesday date night: a little outdoor dinner with ol' blue eyes at the nearby ale house.
mellow mushroom pizza kicks butt!
hickory hops beer festival with friends!
 in our attempt to be healthy on the weekdays, we've converted friday taco night into sunday taco night.  and yes, this is my recreation of the taco bell double decker taco (can't a girl just live and let live?)

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