weekly roundup

my new favorite after school snack.

in an attempt to curb my online shopping addiction, i made one last purchase for myself (you can't expect me to quit cold turkey!)  i had been pining after this ombre fringe tote from anthropologie for a while, and i finally scored it (on sale too)!

there were so many beautiful flowering trees blooming this past week.  which of course leads to . . . 
pollen.  lots.  of.  pollen.

since cory was working all weekend, i spent friday night in by myself, which meant i got to do one of my favorite things . . . sit on my bed and watch netflix movies on my laptop.  i finally got around to watching hunger games, as well as a very interesting documentary about detroit (cory's homeland).
i also indulged in another favorite thing friday night (because, why not).  jimmy john's #6, no mayo or cucumbers, add onions and hot peppers.

i ended up canceling the rest of my fabulous weekend plans, so i could take this fellow to the er.  don't worry, he's okay. . . just a little leg swelling but nothing serious, thankfully.  more importantly, how does he always look so cute. . .  even when he's in the emergency room?

when we found out everything was okay, we headed back to cory's hotel for a low-key saturday night.  on the bright side, we got to spend to unexpected quality time together, which was nice. 

sunday, i went for lunch and fro-yo with the bff and her babe.  love these two!

i hope you had a great week as well!

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