random acts from my iphoto library

this is my friend katie (a.k.a. kromer, KLK, krome-dome, etc.).  she is one of my very favorite co-workers (okay, i love them all. . . who am i kidding?)  she is super fun, and i probably burn over 1000 calories every time i'm with her. . . just from laughing so much.  this photo is from october, 2009.  when one of our outpatient centers at work was going through a renovation, there was this hilarious-looking medical machine which probably dates back to circa 1960's.  we would pass it everyday on our way to lunch, and crack up with each other about what could possibly be the purpose of this machine (we called it "the box".)   was it used to quarantine people with unspeakable diseases?  was it a cure for people with claustrophobia?  was it used for top secret human experimentation? our minds wandered, even though i'm sure it's not as mysterious and exciting as we imagined.  one day, we finally decided to take pictures in it.  maybe it's one of those "you had to be there" situations, but i laugh every time i pass these pics in my iphoto library.  we haven't seen "the box" since several years ago when the renovations were completed, but we still have not figured out what the heck that thing is.  any ideas?   

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