weekly roundup

i'm beyond happy to finally be completely well and not sound like i'm hacking up a lung every five minutes.  i got back into at the gym this week and it felt awesome.  i had so much energy!  *this photo also makes me feel better, since most of the following photos involve food.

i've been super into soups lately.  they are easy, and a large batch makes for easy leftovers the rest of the week.  i made this delicious and healthy black bean soup (the cinnamon was an amazing addition) and topped it off with some queso and pico de gallo. 

we had an impromptu date night on wednesday, and ended the evening with some fro yo.  cory went with a cookies and cream with oreos and chocolate sauce, while i sampled a few. . . including (but not limited to) cake batter with reeses pieces, cheesecake with blackberries, and pistachio with a rice krispie treat.  can i just say, pistachio fro yo. . . . completely underrated.

 my one year search for the perfect mustard pencil skirt has now ended.  and i got it for 40% off!!!

i rang in friday night with some super-sexy steam vacuuming.  i cleaned the couch and a few rugs. . . it's so satisfying.

 cherry blossoms & green grass people!!!!  it's spring!
we spent saturday night with the bff, her hubs and the babe at dos taquitos.  it was a great time. unfortunately, i was so wrapped up in hanging with alice, that i forgot to take anymore pics of us adults.  so here are a few more of alice (bottom right photo, courtesy alice).  i love this little bug.
weekend breakfast!  hashbrowns. . . just . . . hashbrowns.

 we spent a lovely sunday afternoon at a carolina mudcats baseball game.

. . . .and finally, a new season of mad men premieres!!! (perfect timing now that the walking dead is on a hiatus until next season.)

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