springtime in michigan

a few weekends ago, husband and i packed up for a road trip to michigan to visit his family for a few days (louie came too, of course).  we had such a lovely time!  the weather was a bit cool at first, but the sun finally came out and warmed things up the day before we left!  cory's mom recently moved, so we loved seeing her new house and we did a lot of sight seeing around her new town!  here's a few pics from the weekend:

this is basically what car rides with louie look like...

"this is comfy.  don't move your arm for the next 12 hours, okay dad?" -louie

shortly after our arrival, cory's mom showed us around the nearby town of port huron, and i got to check out lake huron for the first time!

the water is so blue and pretty!

such a cute little lighthouse

i saw this in the sand, and thought it was so sweet!

this vacation was much needed! (you know you've been doing ultrasound too long, when you look at this picture and it instantly makes you think of gallstones).

post-sightseeing beers by the water, watching the huge freighters go by!

back at penny's house for some snuggle time with mr. louie!  he loves his gramma!

my gorgeous sister-in-law, christine and her insanely intelligent hubby, travis (i call him the human google), joined us for the weekend!  they're so fun! (here's a post i did from their wedding a few years ago)

sampling a few beers at war water brewery!

cory's uncle, milo, joined us for the day as well!!  he's so sweet and always full of great stories :)

i'm pretty sure i won the mother-in-law lottery!

the brewery had markers sitting out on the tables!  there was some very interesting existing artwork... to which we contributed 

spring seems to have turned into summer rather quickly back home in north carolina, so it was nice to experience spring for a second time up in michigan!  this japanese magnolia tree was giving me all the feels (again)!

the blue water bridge, connecting the US (left) and Canada (right)!

seriously can't get over how pretty the water is

downtown port huron has some adorable old victorian homes... this one was my absolute favorite!

stocked up on wood for an evening bonfire (we may or may not have overestimated the amount we needed).

there's nothing more relaxing than sitting out by the fire on a crisp night (especially when there's a beer in your hand and a sleeping schoodle in your lap)!

we went to the raven cafĂ© for brunch several times!  if you're ever in port huron, be sure to stop there.  the food and coffee is amazing...

.... and the decor inside is so fun and unique!

their quiche alone is worth the trip....

also, no brunch is complete without a bloody mary, in my opinion!

brunch with cory's aunts!

louie loves all of his aunts, but he has a very special bond with his aunt kathy!  he's obsessed!

heading back home to north carolina!  one of us loves 12 hour car rides together, and the other does not.  can you guess which?  

we are missing everyone already, and can't wait to see you again!  thanks for such a good time, michigan!

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